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Wireless Winch Control

SKU: RG630

The winch control arrived Saturday, many thanks! I am very impressed with the very detailed instructions that you sent with the product. Nobody could go wrong with them. Also, such simple fitting. I had the control up and running within a quarter of an hour! - Patrick C.

For years, Roadless Gear has been THE SOURCE for in cab winch controls (see below). Introducing the new WIRELESS winch control! Operate your winch from inside the cab, or from anywhere up to 80 feet away from your winch. And trust me, there have been times when I WANTED to be 80 feet away while operating my winch. I "sort of" trust my cable and winch mount - but winching my vehicle down a 20' vertical waterfall gives me the heebie jeebies when I'm sitting in the driver's seat looking at sky. Much safer and more comforting to be standing out of harms way and lowering the rig down.

Perfect not only for safety reasons, but for convenience. Just like our dash mounted winch control, this control gives you fast access to the use of your winch. No more digging the factory remote from under the seat, plugging it into the winch and running the cable over your hood and through your window. With flick of a switch your winch can be powered in or out - remotely - with you safely inside or anywhere outside your vehicle.

  • Installs in minutes on ANY winch with solenoids (which is just about every winch out there)
  • Can be used in conjunction with your stock wired remote, or the Roadless Gear dash mounted remote. Use one, two or all three together!
  • 80 foot range means you can operate your winch from inside the vehicle, or a safe distance away if circumstances demand
  • Once installed there are NO wires to connect and disconnect each time you want to use your winch. Simply turn on the remote, press a button, and you are winching!
  • Includes both transmitter and receiver
  • Battery saver circuitry
  • Transmitter has extra long life and visual indicator light to show battery condition.
  • Batteries are common and readily available. Same batteries as used by most garage door openners.

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