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Weber 32/36 Replacement Carb Kits for Jeep

SKU: EPC3236
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We are proud to offer you the finest carburetor conversion kit on the market today for your Jeep. The 32/36 is a progressive carburetor. The progressive features of the "Primary" and "Secondary" allow for a very controlled driving experience. These kits include the carb and everything you need to install it in your vehicle.

This is THE carb to have installed in your Jeep. How can you be sure? Well, we here at Roadless Gear have several vehicles that we use for both on and off road driving. None of them had this carb installed when we bought them. ALL of them do now. That pretty much sums up our feelings on the subject.

Note: These carbs are not manufactured by Weber - they are a replacement for the Weber. They were designed and developed to fill the need for performance carbs during the worldwide shortage created by a labor strike at the Weber factory in Europe. But, these carbs are built to the exact same high quality specifications as the original Weber. In fact - every part - from smallest all the way up to the body itself is fully interchangeable with the original Weber carb. They install, and perform, exactly the same.