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TG LED Pod Light Bundle, Jeep JK

Manufacturer: Trail Gear

Jeep JK Windshield Light Bundle

Need an LED light that has the power to light upthe trail without breaking the bank? Our new Jeep JK Windshield Light Bundle is your answer.This kit includes two JK windshield mounting brackets and two 3" LED QuadLights. Even though these lights are small, they are powerful enough to lightup the darkest road or trail.

The LED Quad Light will include a 15” wiring pigtail (2x 18-gage wire with outer jacket) and powder-coated stainless steel mounting/aiming bracket giving you the ability to mount the TG LED Quad Light wherever you need it to be.

Our Jeep JK Pod Light Brackets are made out of steel with a black powder-coated textured finish. These brackets feature a pre-installed neoprene gasket to prevent the bracket from scratching the vehicles paint. There is no drilling required and installs in minutes. 


  • All gussets and frame supports are included
  • Most complete kit on the market

This kit contains the following components:

  • Front Spring hanger
  • All spring and shackle bushings
  • Shock Hoops
  • 5125 Bilstein Shocks (Your size choice)
  • Frame Tube Jigs
  • Frame Tubes
  • Shackle mount Kit
  • Front Frame Reinforcement Plates (With IFS Box Mount Kit Incorporated)
  • Steering shaft
  • Steering couplers
  • Fire wall plate
  • Bump stop kit
  • Heavy Duty Front Leaf Springs
  • Front extended brake line
  • Fully loaded left and right calipers
  • Left and right caliper hard lines
  • Vented brake rotors
  • Knuckle service kit with wheel bearings
  • U-bolt flip kit
  • Tacoma High Steer Kit
  • Fully loaded Six Shooter™ Knuckle Kit
  • Knuckle hardware
  • 86-88 IFS steering box
  • Oil pan kit (2.7L or 3.4L)
  • Power steering hose conversion kit
  • Single t-case crossmember
  • Full color installation instructions

Note: If you have a 3.4L engine, you may need to replace your radiator. See steps 116-120 of the instructions for more information.

Note For SAS Kit A, B, and C: You will need the following components to complete your build:

Application Data

  • 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK
TG303516-KIT 303516-KITTG303515-KIT 303515-KIT
Picture of Tg Led Pod Light Bundle, Jeep Jk, Flood
Tg Led Pod Light Bundle, Jeep Jk, Flood
SKU: TG303515-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 303515-KIT
Picture of Tg Led Pod Light Bundle, Jeep Jk, Spot
Tg Led Pod Light Bundle, Jeep Jk, Spot
SKU: TG303516-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 303516-KIT