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Suzuki Samurai Brake Proportioning Valve

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Suzuki Samurai Brake Proportioning Valve

Suzuki discontinued production of the brake proportioning valve (located on right side frame, back by the rear tire) about 10 years ago.   Leaving those of us with leaking or defective proportioning valves on our own to either try and find a decent one in a wrecking yard (good luck) - or hacking in some aftermarket valve and trying to make it work.

For a long time, we hoped some big aftermarket manufacturer like Dorman would start making these - but alas....the demand volume just wasn't enough and it just never seemed to happen.

What to do?  Well...if you're Roadless Gear - you let NOTHING stand in the way of keeping your Samurai running like new.   We decided to just make them ourselves!

So here it is - a "just like the original" replacement for your brake proportioning valve.

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