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Slam Latch Kit

SKU: TG303478-1-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 303478-1-KIT

Slam Latch Kit

The Slam Latch Kit is a spring-loaded pull latch with a 3/8” diameter zinc-plated pin with a plastic pull knob and a nickel-plated steel plate with countersunk holes. The pin extends 7/16” from the aluminum body. The steel plate pre-drilled holes match the Toyota Pickup OEM door latch pattern. The Slam Latch Kit comes with a ¾” Grade 5 zinc-plated jam nut. This is the same Slam Latch Kit that is used in our Rock Defense™ Tube Doors. These Slam Latches are great for building your own tube doors or rear tire carrier.

Note: Use Locktite to prevent the nut from backing off of the Slam Latch.


  • Nickel-plated steelSlam Latch plate with countersunk holes (Matches Toyota Pickup OEM door latchpattern).
  • Spring-Loaded PullLatch has 3/8” diameter zinc-plated pin.Pin extends 7/16” from the aluminum body. Plastic pull knob.
  • Supplied with ¾”Grade 5 zinc-plated jam nut for mounting Pull Latch.
  • Same Pull Latch,Slam Latch Plate, & jam nut used on TG Tube Doors.
  • Great for buildingyour own tube doors or rear tire carrier.

Application Data

  • Non-vehicle specific
TG303478-1-KIT 303478-1-KIT