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Roadless Gear Thumb Throttle Kit

SKU: RG100

Here's a handy little mod that works with any make/model/year vehicle. Acts as a second throttle you can mount to the shifter lever of your rig and work with your thumb. This leaves both feet free to do other things - like manipulate the brake and clutch. System also allows you to lock the throttle in any position to hold a certain RPM of the engine. This is useful when winching, using an onboard welder or just helping the rig warm up faster on a frosty morning. Installs in minutes. Comes complete with locking lever, 6 feet of cable, mounting hardware and complete instructions. Works with any vehicle with a throttle cable - fuel injected or carburated. May require some minor custom work at connection point to carb (depending on vehicle). Check out Figmo's installation article on this product... NOTE: This product is designed for off highway use only. This product is not a substitute for cruise control as there are no safetys installed to automatically disengage the system in case sudden braking is needed. Please, use this system in a safe and sane manner. We assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product. Also available for Sidekicks.