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Roadless Gear PolyShield

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear
SKU: RG130

Replacement Lexan Based Windshield.  Roadless Gear has been making Lexan windshields for over 10 years now and was the first company to develop this product for the Suzuki Samurai.  Includes new rubber windshield seal.

Why replace your shattered glass windshield with a new Roadless Gear PolyShield?

Our PolyShields are manufactured by the same company who designs windscreens for NASCAR, SCCA, IROC, ARCA, GARR, CART, IRL, NHRA, IHRA and APBA. Did you see Winston Cup Robert Yates' car win at Richmond and Pocono a few years ago? If you did, it was through one of these shields. What about NASCAR Ryan Newman's car at Busch? Same thing.

Now available in clear or 15% tint!

Just take a look at a few of the advantages our PolyShields give you over glass...

  • Our exclusive scratch resistant coating offers the highest level of abrasion and chemical resistance for coated polycarbonate available today. Our hard coat brings our level of abrasion resistance to within .3% of factory glass, and offers nearly 10 times the protection of other coated polycarbonate windshields.
  • Repels water water better than any temporary window spray treatment, and will withstand the use of wipers.
  • Absolutely will not spider on you. Hit a tree limb? OK, maybe you'll scratch it with something that hard but it will not crack. Odds are -even if you lay your rig on it's side and your windshield frame gets tweaked - your PolyShield will look like new. It's designed to flex and give and under extreme situations (such as a rollover) - it will pop out of the frame. Oh sure, you'll have to buy a new frame - but you WONThave to buy new glass.
  • 1/2 the weight. 54% lighter than 1/4" laminated glass.
  • 250 times stronger than glass! Check out these numbers from our "dart drop" test. Test performed with a 5 pound steel dart with a 1" tip and records the foot pounds of pressure needed to cause a failure in the material.
    ft. lbs. before failure
    1/4" Laminated Glass
    2 ft lbs
    1/4" Tempered Glass
    3.5 ft lbs
    1/4" Acrylic
    7 ft lbs
    Roadless Gear PolyShield
    220 ft lbs
  • Increased Noise Reduction. 13% better at blocking noise than glass.
    Sound Transmission (STC Rating)
    1/4" Laminated Glass
    Roadless Gear PolyShield
  • Less Heat Gain in Summer. 14% less conductive of summer heat
    Summer Heat Gain (BTU/hr.-sq-Deg F)
    1/4" Laminated Glass
    Roadless Gear PolyShield
  • Less Heat Loss in Winter. 16% more efficient than glass at retaining winter heat.
    Winter Heat Loss (BTU/hr.-sq-Deg F)
    1/4" Laminated Glass
    Roadless Gear PolyShield