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Rag Joint Eliminator

Old price: $60.00

The stock steering rag joint (that round chunk of rubber that connects your steering column to the steering box) has a nasty habit of getting old, cracked and breaking on you at the worst moments. Like when you 150 miles from the nearest parts store. You can buy a spare and keep it in the glove box (see below), or you can get rid of the thing all together. Our rag joint eliminator replaces the rubber with a U-Joint that will last virtualy forever. This is a good modification if you don't have power steering - since there is much more strain on the steering column as you try to force those big 33" tires out of the hole that you just got yourself into. This is also a MUST HAVE option if you are installing the popular Sidekick/Tracker power steering. Because this installtion puts the steering column at a very steep angle and causes premature wear on the rubber rag joint. Fits all years Suzuki Samurai, and Samurais with Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker power steering boxes installed.