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OD Tube Clamp

Manufacturer: Trail Gear

O.D. Tube Clamps

Trail-Gear O.D. Tube Clamps are ideal for suspension and steering brackets that you need attached to a section of tubing when you don’t want to weld the bracket directly to the tubing because adjustment or frequent removal of the bracket is needed.

The O.D. Tube Clamp is perfect for attaching shock brackets to suspension link or steering brackets to steering rods or links and allows you to attach steel mounting brackets that are readily available to aluminum suspension links and steering rods that you could not otherwise weld steel brackets to.

Manufactured from 1020 steel, with a clamping force of up to 8,600lbs these tube clamps will not fail even under the most extreme circumstances. Sold Individually.

Kit Includes:

  • (6) 1/4-20 x 7/8" zinc-plated screws
  • (2) Clamp Halves

Available Options:

  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1", 180129-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1 1/4", 180128-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1 1/2", 180127-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1 3/4", 180126-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 2", 180125-KIT


  • Manufactured from 1020 steel
  • Clamping force of up to 8,600lbs

Application Data

  • Non-vehicle specific
TG180129-KIT 180129-KITTG180128-KIT 180128-KITTG180127-KIT 180127-KITTG180126-KIT 180126-KITTG180125-KIT 180125-KIT
Picture of Od Tube Clamp 1"
Od Tube Clamp 1"
SKU: TG180129-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 180129-KIT
Picture of Od Tube Clamps 1.25"
Od Tube Clamps 1.25"
SKU: TG180128-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 180128-KIT
Picture of Od Tube Clamps 1.5"
Od Tube Clamps 1.5"
SKU: TG180127-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 180127-KIT
Picture of Od Tube Clamps 2"
Od Tube Clamps 2"
SKU: TG180125-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 180125-KIT
Picture of Od Tube Clamps 1.75"
Od Tube Clamps 1.75"
SKU: TG180126-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 180126-KIT