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Hi-Lift Jack Mount

SKU: TG180078-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 180078-KIT
<h2>TG Hi-Lift Jack Mount</h2><p>Trail Gear’s Hi-Lift Jack Mount is laser cut from 3/16" thick steel and then CNC formed. The ends of the mount are coped so that they can be welded to 1 3/4" tubing. We use a 1/2" thick bolt that has a precision hole drilled into it so that a hair-pin/cotter style pin can be inserted. This will keep the nut from rattling off and ensure that you never lose your hi-lift jack on the trail. We also added rubber pads that go between the jack and the mounts and a Velcro strap to hold the handle in place so that no vibration will be heard from any of the mounting locations. A second hole was placed on the mount so that you can put a padlock on the hi-lift to keep it totally secure from loss or theft.</p><p> Product is shipped unpainted, must be welded on.</p> <h2>Specifications:</h2><ul> <li>The Panhard is 1.25” x .250” wall DOM material</li> <li>Link material is 2" x .250" wall DOM tubing</li> <li>Rod ends are 1.25" Creeper Joints</li> <li>The Panhard bracket on the axle is 3/16" steel</li> <li>brackets are 1/4” steel, formed and welded</li> <li>With 14” shocks we are getting 40” to 50” of articulation depending on the suspension in the rear of the truck and the steering system</li></ul><p><b>This kit is designed for use with High Steer. For full hydraulic steering systems we recommend purchasing this kit instead.</b></p> <h2>Application Data</h2><ul> <li>Non-vehicle specific</li></ul>
TG180078-KIT 180078-KIT