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Electric Brake Line Lock Kit


This line lock has unsurpassed holding power which guarantees to keep you in the water for a thorough burnout every time. Check out these features and you will see what sets it apart from the rest. Check out the price on the best selling Lineloc / Roll Control and you won't believe your eyes!

  • Includes switch/wiring
  • designed to operate under extreme heat for optimum durability
  • built in mounting tabs
  • hi-flow inlet / oulet ports
  • withstands 3,000 psi line pressure
  • each unit is individually tseted and backed by a 1 year warranty.


WARNING: Line locks are not meant to be a replacement for the emergency brake.   They are designed for short-term use and will slowly bleed off pressure over time.   For this reason, never depend on a line lock when parking your vehicle for long periods of time