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Duraline, Rope Guard, Polyester

Manufacturer: Trail Gear
SKU: TG303436
Manufacturer part number: 303436

DuraLine™ Rope Guard

The DuraLine™ Rope Guard is a 3-foot long polyester winch line guard that has a Velcro closure so it can be easily put anywhere you need it to be on the winch line. It is great for protecting your winch line from abrasion whenever you have to lay your winch line over a rock or other obstacle.

Note: Included in all DuraLine™ ExoShield Winch Lines.



  • 3-feet long
  • Made out of polyester
  • Velcro closure.
  • Protects winch line from abrasion
  • Included in all DuraLine™ ExoShield Winch Lines

Application Data

  • Non-vehicle specific
TG303436 303436