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Bolt, Greasable M 18x120mm

Manufacturer: Trail Gear

Toyota Greasable Shackle Parts

Need parts to build or change your own shackles? We have all the pieces you need right here.

Greasable bolts feature threaded zerk fittings that won't fall out when your greasing up.

Note: Extra strong locking nuts should be lightly greased before assembly.

Note: These shackle kit components are not OEM replacements. They are intended to be used with our leaf springs.

Note: Each part sold individually.

Available parts:

  • Bolt Greasable M18 X 120mm, 111306-1-KIT
  • Bolt Greasable M18 X 130mm, 111307-1-KIT
  • Bolt Greasable M18 X 150mm, 111308-1-KIT
  • Nut Stover M18, 111309-1-KIT
  • Shackle Plate 5", 111311-1-KIT
  • Shackle Plate 5.5", 111312-1-KIT
  • Shackle Plate 6", 111313-1-KIT
  • Bushing, Rear, Leaf Spring, 111314-1-KIT
  • Bushing, Front, Long, Frame, 111315-1-KIT
  • Bushing, Front, Short, Leaf Spring , 111316-1-KIT
  • Spacer Front Shackle .75", 111317-1-KIT
  • Spacer Rear Shackle .375", 111318-1-KIT


  • Feature threaded zerk fittings
  • Factory size 18mm bolts with crimp nuts
  • Zinc plated plates
  • Polly bushings

Note: These shackle kits are not OEM replacements. They are intended to be used with our leaf springs.

Application Data

  • 1979-1995 Toyota Pickup (All Engines)
  • 1985-1995 Toyota 4Runner (All Engines)
  • Bolts, spacers, nuts, and shackle plates are non-vehicle specific
TG111306-1-KIT 111306-1-KITTG111307-1-KIT 111307-1-KITTG111308-1-KIT 111308-1-KIT
Picture of Bolt, Greasable M 18X150mm
Bolt, Greasable M 18X150mm
SKU: TG111308-1-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 111308-1-KIT
Picture of Bolt, Greasable M 18X130mm
Bolt, Greasable M 18X130mm
SKU: TG111307-1-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 111307-1-KIT
Picture of Bolt, Greasable M 18X120mm
Bolt, Greasable M 18X120mm
SKU: TG111306-1-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 111306-1-KIT