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Better than eBay

Monday, February 21, 2022

For the past 20 years, we have always marketed some of our products on eBay to gain additional exposure.   Afterall, the internet is a really big pond.  And I recognize that we are but small fish.  Who knows?  Maybe that's how you first found us?

In doing this – we are forced to contend with foreign sellers and often times have to offer free shipping or even lower prices on our eBay listings to remain competitive there.  Looking at the accounting data this year – I realized that: eBay takes a pretty big bite out of the Roadless Gear apple with their selling fees for this privilege.

This got me thinking: “if we can sell on eBay for $X and still not lose money, why aren’t we selling it on the Roadless Gear web site for the same price?”

So I tasked our software engineers to come up with a way to synchronize our pricing across ALL selling platforms.

Effective immediately – if we sell it on eBay for $X, we’ll sell it on the Roadless Gear web site for the same….OR LESS!    This includes products that carry FREE SHIPPING

Please note that this only applies to OUR listings on eBay.   We know we can’t compete with every seller out there in the world running his Maruti business out of a grass hut.   And if you want  to roll those dice….more power to ya!

But we CAN compete with ourselves.   So shop www.RoadlessGear.com with the confidence that you are getting the best possible price we can offer.

Maybe we can help you weather this current storm of runaway inflation and sky-high gas prices.  Or maybe you'll save enough to take your significant other on that vacation you’ve been promising.  Or, at least, out to dinner.   If so, tell him/her Figmo says: “you’re welcome” LOL

Thank you for shopping with us.


General Manager
Roadless Gear, LLC

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