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Aluminum Wheel Spacers

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These bolt-on wheel spacers are designed to give you a little more width without changing out your axle for a wider one. Features safety graded studs and matching nuts for proper fit. Spacers are 1.25" and 1.5" thick. Made from Billet 6061-T6 aluminum. Grade 8 Studs, Grade 10.9 nuts. Only high quality nuts and studs that are hardness graded and stamped are used. Spacers feature precision machined surfaces for proper fit and contact with wheels and hubs.

Wheel Spacer Kit, 1.25" 5x4.5 (TG140019-2-KIT) Wheel Spacer Kit, 1.25" 5x5.5 (TG140022-2-KIT) Wheel Spacer Kit, 1.50" 5x4.5 (TG140002-2-KIT) Wheel Spacer Kit, 1.50" 5x5.5 (TG140001-2-KIT) Wheel Spacer Kit, 2.00" 5x4.5 (TG140020-2-KIT) Wheel Spacer Kit, 2.00" 5x5.5 (TG140023-2-KIT) attr2