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12v Portable Jump Start / Power Station

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No more hauling around bulky heavy jumper cables.  Those things always get corroded ends or broken connections.  And even when they work, there's the hassle of pulling up next to the vehicle you need to jump start (after figuring out what side each vehicle's battery is on).  Let's face it....jump starting cars the old fashioned way may beat walking - but not by much.

Enter the Roadless Gear portable 12v power station!   This small hand-held device fits in your back pocket.  Yet holds enough electrical potential to jump start TEN V8 vehicles on a single charge.  Plus it has USB outputs that make it a great addition to your hiking or bugout bag.   Fully restore a totally dead iPad PRO 20 times on a single charge.  Dozens of recharges for a cell phone.

IMPORTANT: Don't confuse this with those low-power Harbor Freight or eBay power stations.    They may do the same thing - but have a fraction of the reserve storage.   Compare the capacty (specified in milli amp hours) and you'll see this unit has up to DOUBLE the power storage capacity of units costing more.   This means more power when you need it - and longer shelf life.

Includes power station, battery jumper cable, assorted USB power adapters, hi-Intensity LED flashlight, instructions and hard-shell storage case in safety green.


Capacity: 150,000 mah

Peak output: 2,000 Amp (WOW)

Continuous output: 1,000 Amp

Weight: 15oz

Size: 6.5" x 3.25" x 1.5"

Check out our unboxing video: